Thanks Note


When I become successful and when people ask me which school I went to, I will reply that it doesn’t matter because my parents are the ones who gave me life’s real education. Well it is time I owe my website to my parents S.Baskar Raju and R.Hemamalini. I’m so grateful for everything that they have given me and I couldn’t have done it without them. I dedicate all these efforts to each of you! Over my childhood, teenage and youthful years, I have realized that the full form of PARENTS is Protective Accommodating Responsible Enthusiastic Nurturing Tolerant Sensitive.

There are two things in this world which are completely irreplaceable – the endless love of wife and the innocent love of a child. Fortunately for me , I have both in Jayashree Janakiraman and Nakshatara Ranjith who are the real pillars behind my success.

Siblings are my unwavering support and there’s so much I know I can do with you guys standing behind me. I cannot even begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me during the past 40 years. Your love and support means the world to me. And Jawahar Balaji and Vijay Anand thanks for being the best siblings anyone could ask for!

I know I am lucky to have sister in law Sandhya Jawahar & Sangeetha Vijay ,no matter how bitterly I failed, how hard I fell or how embarrassingly I was defeated, I always knew that when I come back to both of you, I will be treated like a winner.

And my niece and nephew Nandita ,Nithik ,Namratha and Nikhil who love me to bits and love each other endlessly. I would like to thank my family for providing me with the support needed in order to continually push myself to succeed. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you people!


I am so lucky to have my friends Dr.Periyasamy ,Dr.Siva Muthukumar, Dr.Suresh ,Dr.Baskar ,Dr.Senthil Vadivel, Dr.Sharan Patil, Dr.Kumar, Dr.Pradeep & Mr.Nissar. Their support, encouragement, and all around love through the good times and the bad have continued to push me towards my highest limits.

I could not have done it without loving arms and encouraging words of my colleagues Dr.Rajesh Kodali, Dr.Sandeep Bangale, Dr.Ramkumar ,Dr.Rajesh Venkataraman & Dr.Dr.Dheeraj.

My cardiology colleagues Dr.T.R.Muralidharan,Dr.Manohar& Dr.Jebaraj deserves a special praise in my career.

Special mention of my anesthesia colleagues Dr.Venkatesh,Dr.Ashok,Dr.Ramkumar,Dr.Arul murugan&Dr.Siddarth who was always there when I need them.

I should thank Dr.Kamalakkannnan ,Dr.Senthil, Dr.Somaganesh & Dr.Sushma Nandipati for supporting me on this journey of academic and emotional growth.

I should also thank Mr.Niranjan & Mr. Arul for sharing their valuable guidelines in shaping the website.


It is with great pleasure and deep sense of indebtness I acknowledge the invaluable help of my esteemed teachers,Professor (Late) Vijayalaxmi Kamat & Professor Mahesh Vakamudi, who have bestowed their guidance right from my post graduation till today.Their stimulating and succinct suggestions have inspired and guided me to delve deeply into more common and significant entities and to separate the grain from the chaff. Their painstakingly offered suggestions with uncompromising standards has contributed extensively to make me a great cardiac anesthesiologist. Their judicious blend of academic and administrative difficulties has always been an inspiration for me.

Words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for my teachers Dr.Vishvanath Rao, Dr.Chitra, Dr.Ramachandran, Dr.Benett , Dr.Natnasabapathy & Dr.Gunamanam to name a few who shaped my undergraduate teaching. Thanks for teaching me it’s not so important what I think, but rather that I know how to think – and then giving me the tools to do just that.

Dr.Arun, Dr.T.V.Ramakrishnan ,Dr.Radha ,Dr.Pavendan, Dr.Joseph Rajesh,Dr.Aruna,Dr.Akila,Dr.Renuka,Dr.Thamarai, Dr.Radika& Dr.Pradeep to name a few shaped my skills in Anesthesia . I’m very proud of their outstanding display of multi-faceted excellence in shaping me.

It was Dr.K.R.Balakrishnan and Dr Richard Saldanha who gave me an identity in cardiac anesthesia. Also I want to thank my mentor Dr.Suresh Rao who was instrumental in my success in cardiac anesthesia.

I also thank Dr.S.Thankiachalam & Dr.J.S.N.Murthy for giving me an institutional identification.

Also I like to thank Dr.Gopinath, Dr.Murali chakravarthy, Dr.Suresh Nair, Dr.Rajiv Juneja,Dr.Bhaskaran,Dr.P.S.N .Raju,Dr.Shashidar Rao & Dr.Kanagarajan for helping me grow in IACTA.

Technical Staff

I thank Mr.Velmurugan for helping me this website. His technical skills made the website look simple and elegant. I also thank Mr Rajesh and Mrs Rujitha for their constant advise about the website. I also thank Mr.Sriram for coming up with logo and designing of the website.

Words of gratitude for my brother Satish who took time to fine tune the website.