Online CME is an initiative of Ranjith Anesthesia Academy to assist Clinicians and Trainees in crucial decision-making pertaining to patient-management. These CMEs are finalized after rigorous screening by experienced faculty who boast an individual experience of more than 15 years in their field.

The basic premise for this initiative is transfer of knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation of medicos to gradually pass on the baton of specialized healing in order to create a pool of future leaders and ace clinicians that will be beneficial to the human society at large. However, with the rapid developments our field experiences in many areas, it has to be mentioned that some areas might inadvertently be left untouched despite the best efforts to keep pace.

Adequate care has and will be taken to keep the module as we go along. Ranjith Anesthesia Academy advises all CME finalists to use their own judgment in real-life clinical scenarios and use this CME as a guideline and not as the Holy Grail per se. Perhaps, this is why it is said that, you cannot take out judgment (experience) from evidence-based medicine! Ranjith Anesthesia Academy also refrains from making speculative claims of any sort.

The academy will not be dragged into judicial disputes of any sort as the purpose of these CMEis purely imparting knowledge and wisdom primarily for a social cause in the larger interest of society at large.

The cost to be paid for this CME is only for the self evaluation test the candidate takes and you do not pay for the Reading Materials associated with the CME.