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Professor Ranjith Karthekeyan

This website is the brain child of Professor Ranjith Karthekeyan.
Professor Ranjith Karthekeyan is a dynamic and established Cardiac Anaesthesiologist and a valuable member of the Indian Association of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia (IACTA). He is an excellent post-graduate teacher and examiner for MD Anesthesia, Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia and Doctorate in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia (D.M). He has various publications to his credit and is also a peer reviewer of various journals. His invited guest lecture on ‘MINISTERNOTOMY IN CONGENITAL DISEASE-CURRENT STATUS’ at the second International Congress of Cardiology in Dec 2010 at Shanghai won several accolades. This website is created from his vast experiences and teachings in the field of Cardiac Anesthesiology. He has put in extraordinary efforts to make this website simple, knowledgeable and help the learner to learn from the contents at a brisk speed. His focused and phenomenally potent presentations will be resourceful to the learner and could make the Anesthesia provider more confident, emboldened and empowered to face the various clinical scenarios he/she might be in.

Many areas in Cardiac Anesthesia that have thus far been either unlooked into or unheralded and where there are very few or no guidelines or data available to guide clinical management are some of the major areas dealt with on the site. These could be a boon to those who need quick guidance for even quicker learning.

Do please provide us your feedback on the site and what you would need more on it in order to make it even more useful to you.

Make use of and go from tinkled to turbo-charged !!!!